Blog: Self Care

By: LouAnn Smith

The topic of self-care seems to be a popular one these days, in both the church and the world. Our hurried lifestyles have created a very unhealthy cultural norm that leaves no real room for listening to God.

A few of Lisa’s guests effectively hit on this subject, but not in a way we are accustomed to hearing. Michael Hulsey, who spent years studying health in the scripture, came to realize that stress, negative emotions, sickness and anxiety cause “hiccups in our souls.” When we neglect to care for our inner man, the first thing to go is we stop renewing our minds. Stress will then cause us to rehearse that negativity, as well as the failures, the disappointments, and the unmet expectations we place on others and ourselves. Dr. LS Burke with Loma Linda University stated that ruminating on a negative emotion or event suppresses your immune system for a minimum of 21 hours. Think about that!!

Self-care, at its core, is guarding our hearts and renewing our minds so we can stay in a place of health.  Just as children are profoundly affected by what told regarding their identity, we are often guilty of doing that same thing to ourselves! The negative impact of this will no doubt create sabotaging patterns that will keep us locked in frustration and incapable of moving forward!

I am learning to listen to the Holy Spirit, to practice speaking His word over every area of my life. In do this, I am guarding my heart and giving Him room to transform my world.

LouAnn Hedshot
LouAnn Smith is a home school mom, wife, and notary who balances her time with freelance writing, blogging, and wellness advocacy.