A Woman’s Place In Ministry

Pastor Angela_FB PicGuest Name: Angela Walker

Episode: A Woman’s Place in Ministry

Credentials: Ordained Pastor/Published Author/Speaker and Motivator

Business/Organization: Triumphant Life Church

Website: http://www.angelabwalker.org

Why is this topic interesting and why are we talking about it now?

I have faced oppositions and backlashes from other in ministry due to my acknowledgement of my call to ministry as a Pastor. It is undeniable that Women have been anointed by God to do the work of ministry.

How does your story relate to the viewer?

I have lived it, but being fully confident in the God who called me, I don’t take a back seat.

Summary of message to audience (key points):

Make your calling and election sure.  Others may shut you out, but they cannot shut you down. Know ye yourself how ye are in Christ Jesus and do the work that is beyond a wooden stand.