Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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Episode: Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Guest Name: Bill Rawnsley


Partner in Ideashares / The Start

Business consultant for 11 years for fortune 500 clients globally, privately held established companies, and several start up organizations.

BS in Public Administration from University of Lowell, Massachusetts
Continued education toward masters at Western New England College in Massachusetts.


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Why is this topic interesting and why are we talking about it now?

I think the focus is one creating a pathway for inventors and entrepreneurs. I mentioned that our vision was to create a process for God’s People to manifest God’s Ideas. We are a virtual incubator that supports work without walls.

We have a proprietary vetting tool that assists inventors and those wanting to start a business. It is providing a comprehensive review of the invention or business. At the end of the client gets a SWOT analysis that is typically 40 pages long. The results are based on the answers and safe in that the idea and or business is never revealed. It’s a great way to vet yourself safely.

Summary of message to audience (key points):

  • Everyone has ideas, inventions, business concepts. Few will take the time to vet it, allow productive scrutiny.
  • We believe these ideas and concepts are God given.
  • We have an entrepreneur “Bill of Rights” but these rights must be exercised.
  • There are fundamental steps to successfully take an invention from concept to profitability.
  • We believe that the process must be in the control of the inventor not handed over to others. We educate and create relationships that empowers the individual rather than doing it for them.



Overcome Down Days

Episode: Overcome Down Days
Name: Shatona Kilgore-Groves
Credentials: MS Psychology
Business/Org: Crown Events
Why is this topic interesting and why are we talking about it now: The beginning of the year can be an exhilarating time for some and depressing time for others because looking back we did not accomplish all that we desired to and we approach the new year with anxiety and disappointment. It is all in how we view the world and my book helps us rid ourselves of defeated thinking to using a practical approaches to change our thinking by diving in the word of God and examining our lives how he views us, as already victorious!
How does your story relate to the viewer: Most of us have to battle negative thoughts, if we are strong in one areas, we may be weak in another area. This book helps us to think more rational and get our joy back!
Summary of message to audience: The bible offers us a solution to every problem – we just have to believe and apply it to our lives. My devotional takes the word of God and give practical ways to rid ourselves of irrational thinking and become over-comers and conquerers and inspire others in the process. This is the same with Crown Events – events that help us be our best selves.

Chiropractic Health

Dr Tinker

Episode: Chiropractic Health

Guest Name: Dr. Brittany Tinker

Credentials: Doctor of Chiropractic

Business/Organization: Tinker Family Chiropractic


Why is this topic interesting and why are we talking about it now
? So many American are struggling with health problems like back pain, trouble losing weight, chronic fatigue, etc. They are looking for answer.

How does your story relate to the viewers? I had migraines almost every day for 10 years and could not find a solution. It was greatly impacting my life and keeping me from living my full God-given potential. I started Chiropractic care and my migraines were gone after a month.

Summary of message to audience (key points): God created us with a nervous system to control all of our healing and functioning. We just have to remove the interference when it’s not working properly. My mission is to help people experience healing, physically and spiritually to live to their full potential.

Ditch The Drama

Ginny Priz 3

Episode: Ditch The Drama

Guest Name: Ginny Priz

Credentials: Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (through New Life Coach Inc.) and SCORRE Certified speaker.

Business/Organization: Serenity Journey Ministries


Why is this show interesting and why are we talking about it now?

My book released for purchase on Amazon and my website on Sept. 6th earlier this week!

How does your story relate to the viewer?

No matter what challenges we are faced with, there is peace that God makes available to us.

I was at total peace growing up because of my arm because “He made me this way.” I trusted Him with my body, but not with my path or people.

I had made this identity for myself as the “good girl.” I was on a hamster wheel, constantly working to be good enough and never quite making it enough to please everyone. My life was confusion and chaos.

When I received a DUI in 2011 just after I moved to Nashville, it came crashing down. I didn’t have any solid ground. I didn’t see any future. I had no friends or family around me (they were 850 miles away!).

I had to lean on God to rebuild my identity. My value and sense of self.

I had been so codependent to that point and had no idea what codependency was. When I recognized it as something I could change, that’s when I got off my duff and started working. I applied the Serenity Prayer to every facet of my life. It gave me the FREEDOM to be me and accept me and accept others and not be under their judgement anymore.

Summary of message to audience (key points):

With God, all things are possible.

We can access His peace in the midst of the chaos of this world.

Anyone in a hopeless hole needs to know this is not the end of the story. Relationships don’t have to be so hard. There is so much life and joy even after all the shameful things that we have done or that were done to us.

The Serenity Prayer got me out of that hole. It repaired my relationships. It repaired my view of who I was in Christ. It gave me peace. It gave me confidence. It gave me freedom from the world’s standards.

What are some questions that should be asked to highlight the strength of your topic?

What is drama? And can we ever really be free of it?

What is codependency? And why is it a problem?

What makes the Serenity Prayer so powerful?

3-5 Fuel Points (ex. Three basic steps to take in a traffic emergency):

Come out of Drama we need Trust!:

  • Trust Who God is
  • Trust He made us perfectly
  • Trust Him with the people around us
  • Trust Him with our future (His will!)