Chiropractic Health

Dr Tinker

Episode: Chiropractic Health

Guest Name: Dr. Brittany Tinker

Credentials: Doctor of Chiropractic

Business/Organization: Tinker Family Chiropractic


Why is this topic interesting and why are we talking about it now
? So many American are struggling with health problems like back pain, trouble losing weight, chronic fatigue, etc. They are looking for answer.

How does your story relate to the viewers? I had migraines almost every day for 10 years and could not find a solution. It was greatly impacting my life and keeping me from living my full God-given potential. I started Chiropractic care and my migraines were gone after a month.

Summary of message to audience (key points): God created us with a nervous system to control all of our healing and functioning. We just have to remove the interference when it’s not working properly. My mission is to help people experience healing, physically and spiritually to live to their full potential.

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