Overcome Down Days

Episode: Overcome Down Days
Name: Shatona Kilgore-Groves
Credentials: MS Psychology
Business/Org: Crown Events
Website: BookCrownEvents.com
Why is this topic interesting and why are we talking about it now: The beginning of the year can be an exhilarating time for some and depressing time for others because looking back we did not accomplish all that we desired to and we approach the new year with anxiety and disappointment. It is all in how we view the world and my book helps us rid ourselves of defeated thinking to using a practical approaches to change our thinking by diving in the word of God and examining our lives how he views us, as already victorious!
How does your story relate to the viewer: Most of us have to battle negative thoughts, if we are strong in one areas, we may be weak in another area. This book helps us to think more rational and get our joy back!
Summary of message to audience: The bible offers us a solution to every problem – we just have to believe and apply it to our lives. My devotional takes the word of God and give practical ways to rid ourselves of irrational thinking and become over-comers and conquerers and inspire others in the process. This is the same with Crown Events – events that help us be our best selves.

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