Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Bill Rawnsley_2

Episode: Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Guest Name: Bill Rawnsley


Partner in Ideashares / The Start

Business consultant for 11 years for fortune 500 clients globally, privately held established companies, and several start up organizations.

BS in Public Administration from University of Lowell, Massachusetts
Continued education toward masters at Western New England College in Massachusetts.


The powered by Ideashares


Why is this topic interesting and why are we talking about it now?

I think the focus is one creating a pathway for inventors and entrepreneurs. I mentioned that our vision was to create a process for God’s People to manifest God’s Ideas. We are a virtual incubator that supports work without walls.

We have a proprietary vetting tool that assists inventors and those wanting to start a business. It is providing a comprehensive review of the invention or business. At the end of the client gets a SWOT analysis that is typically 40 pages long. The results are based on the answers and safe in that the idea and or business is never revealed. It’s a great way to vet yourself safely.

Summary of message to audience (key points):

  • Everyone has ideas, inventions, business concepts. Few will take the time to vet it, allow productive scrutiny.
  • We believe these ideas and concepts are God given.
  • We have an entrepreneur “Bill of Rights” but these rights must be exercised.
  • There are fundamental steps to successfully take an invention from concept to profitability.
  • We believe that the process must be in the control of the inventor not handed over to others. We educate and create relationships that empowers the individual rather than doing it for them.



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