Uterine Cancer Warrior

ColasEpisode Subject: Cancer Warrior Creates Foundation for others.

Guest Name: CJ Colas

Credentials: I have a bachelors’ degree in Criminal Science, I am an advocate for uterine cancer, I started a uterine cancer foundation to educate men and women and support uterine cancer patients.

I also started a cancer support group for uterine cancer patients.

Business/Organization: TeamCJColas Uterine Cancer and Foundation

Website: http://www.teamcjcolas.com     

Why is this topic interesting and why are we talking about it now?

The topic is interesting because it is extremely important for women to know their bodies and be awareness of any irregular symptoms they may experience in their bodies.  I’m talking about it now because I learned the hard way. I am dealing with uterine cancer and trying to beat cancer.

How does your story relate to the viewers?

I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in August 2016, and the cancer spread to my lungs. Because of my diagnosis, I started doing research to learn more about uterine cancer. I wanted to spread the word about uterine cancer because most people never heard much about uterine cancer. I met several men who lost their wives to uterine cancer because they did not know about it and they were told they had fibroids and it turned out to be uterine cancer. It’s a hard type of cancer to detect and it spread rapidly.

Uterine Cancer is a silent killer and can spread anywhere in the body.  The media doesn’t make a big deal about uterine cancer like they do breast cancer, and it is just as dangerous as breast cancer.   

How does your story benefit the viewers?

My story will be beneficial to the viewers because it may save a life or more. I have a petition to help everyone’s company to pay for an annual CT scan; this will help discover disease in the body early.  Early detection is a key to healing. Here is the link: https://www.change.org/p/teamcjcolas-uterine-cancer-awareness-foundation-insurance-companies-should-pay-for-annual-ct-scans-for-patients

Summary of message to audience (key points):  Overall I want the audience to be aware and get educated about uterine cancer. Uterine cancer can spread anywhere in the body, and it’s a silent killer. It’s hard to detect, and you don’t really have symptoms when uterine cancer starts.